636 Executive

President – Brent Thompson

Vice President – Melissa Holden

2nd Vice President – Laura Romanick

Financial Secretary – Scott Bradford

Recording Secretary – Rob Leeson

Sergeant at Arms – Angela Kulman

Guide – Peggy Robertson

Trustees – Melissa Tanner, Marie Labadie, Craig Warnock

Member at large (Women) – Kelly Muirhead 

Member at Large (Healthcare) – Pauline Heatherington

Member at Large (AWOC) – 

Member from the Chairpersons Committee – Brian Sheldon

Member from Young Workers Committee – 

Retiree Liaison – Gary Moon


Retirees Chapter

Chairperson – Doug Steele

Vice Chairperson – Stephanie Johnson

Recording Secretary – Sue Veenstra

Communication Liaison – Pete Sprung

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